You just made a booking, congrats! So, what happens next?


At Comover, we try our best to protect all parties involved in a transaction. The following text explains how we achieve that.

Once you have made a booking we ask the bank if you have the funds for the future transaction. When we have verified that it is indeed the case we send a booking confirmation request to the Host.

Once the Host confirms your booking, the funds are transferred from your bank account, onto your Comover's wallet. The funds are not yet transferred to the Host wallet.

At the end of your stay, the funds will be transferred from your Comover's wallet to the Host wallet. We then automatically transfer the money from the Host's wallet to the Host bank account once per month.

Comover Wallet: how does it work ?

The Comover's digital wallet is a secure wallet from which the user:

Why do we have a Comover wallet ?

Our payment service provider MangoPay will delay the transfer of funds to the host. Such delays are a common practice in online marketplaces.

This ensures that the payer do not pay for a fraudulent listing. If something goes wrong, we may refund the payer (though you can mutually agree on a different resolution). So, it helps us keep Comover safe and secure for both renters and hosts.

About our payment service provider

MangoPay SA is a licenced electronic money institution regulated by Luxembourg's supervisor of the financial sector Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier. It provides and manages Comover's wallet for us as a financial service.

Pay via Comover

It's important to pay via Comover as it protects you with our cancellation and refund policies, terms of Service, Payments Terms of Service, and other safeguards.

It is also advantageous for the Host, as we keep track of which seat is available for any given time.