Nondiscrimination Policy

Comover is dedicated to bring the world closer together by fostering meaningful, shared experiences among people from all parts of the world. We hope to create a diverse community, drawing together individuals of different cultures, values, and norms.

Comover is commited to build a platform where people from every background feel welcome and respected, no matter how far they have traveled from home. This commitment rests on two foundational principles that apply both to Comover’s hosts and guests: inclusion and respect. Our shared commitment to these principles enables all members of our community to feel welcome no matter who they are, where they come from, how they worship, or whom they love.

Comover recognizes that some jurisdictions permit, or require, distinctions among individuals based on factors such as national origin, gender, marital status or sexual orientation, and it does not require hosts to violate local laws or take actions that may subject them to legal liability.

While we do not believe that one company can mandate harmony among all people, we do believe that the Comover community can promote empathy and understanding across all cultures. We are all committed to doing everything we can to help eliminate all forms of unlawful bias, discrimination, and intolerance from our platform. We want to promote a culture within the Comover community—hosts, guests and people just considering whether to use our platform—that goes above and beyond mere compliance. To that end, all of us, Comover employees, hosts and guests alike, agree to read and act in accordance with the following policy to strengthen our community and realize our mission of ensuring that everyone can belong, and feels welcome, anywhere.

Specific Guidance for Hosts in the United States, European Union, and Canada

Some jurisdictions may have additional legal requirements that expand or limit the civil right protections of the user community. Hosts are required to comply with such legal requirements and should familiarize themselves with all applicable federal, state, and local laws that apply to housing and places of public accommodation. Guided by these principles, our U.S., EU, and Canadian host community will follow these rules when considering potential guests and hosting guests:

Race, Color, Ethnicity, National Origin, Religion, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, or Marital Status

Sexual Orientation and Gender

Age and Familial Status


Personal Preferences

When guests are turned down. Hosts should keep in mind that no one likes to be turned down. While a host may have, and articulate, lawful and legitimate reasons for turning down a potential guest, it may cause that member of our community to feel unwelcome or excluded. Hosts should make every effort to be welcoming to guests of all backgrounds. Hosts who demonstrate a pattern of rejecting guests from a protected class (even while articulating legitimate reasons) undermine the strength of our community by making potential guests feel unwelcome, and Comover may suspend hosts who have demonstrated such a pattern from the Comover platform.

Specific Guidance for Hosts Outside the United States, European Union, and Canada

Outside of the United States, the European Union, and Canada, some countries or communities may allow or even require people to make accommodation distinctions based on, for example, marital status, national origin, gender or sexual orientation, in violation of our general nondiscrimination philosophy. In these cases, we do not require hosts to violate local laws, nor to accept guests that could expose the hosts to a real and demonstrable risk of arrest, or physical harm to their persons or property. Hosts who live in such areas should set out any such restriction on their ability to host particular guests in their listing, so that prospective guests are aware of the issue and Comover can confirm the necessity for such an action. In communicating any such restrictions, we expect hosts to use clear, factual, non-derogatory terms. Slurs and insults have no place on our platform or in our community.

What happens when a host does not comply with our policies in this area?

If a particular listing contains language contrary to this nondiscrimination policy, the host will be asked to remove the language and affirm his or her understanding and intent to comply with this policy and its underlying principles. Comover may also, in its discretion, take steps up to and including suspending the host from the Comover platform.

If the host improperly rejects guests on the basis of protected class, or uses language demonstrating that his or her actions were motivated by factors prohibited by this policy, Comover will take steps to enforce this policy, up to and including suspending the host from the platform.

As the Comover community grows, we will continue to ensure that Comover’s policies and practices align with our goal: To ensure that guests and hosts feel welcome and respected in all of their interactions using the Comover platform. The public, our community, and we ourselves, expect no less than this.

Additional Considerations

The Nondiscrimination Policy applies to all parts of the Comover business. We recognize there are additional considerations that need to be made for varied offerings in the Comover Community. Here, we have included a few considerations that speak to those instances:


Gender Exemption:

Accessibility / Disability / Reasonable Accommodations:

Due to the broad range of Experience offerings, Comover Experience hosts may need to inquire about guests’ abilities to participate in certain physical activities or inquire about guests’ accommodation needs to best prepare their Experiences. Additionally, we encourage Experience hosts to: