Whether you want to become a host as to meet new business relations or because you want to change career, hosting is a marvelous adventure and we are here to accompany you.


With Comover we hope to create a diverse communities, each having their own unique athmosphere because everyone has different tastes. The first step in hosting should be to understand why you want to do it. This will help you furnish an authentic and unique experience that reflects you.

Create a Spot

From comover platform you can a create your own spot. Don't worry if you are not sure about everything yet, it won't be published in the catalog when you create it, only you will be able to see it.

Take nice pictures: You'll need at least 5 good pictures of your spot in order to be able to create it. It goes without saying that your spot should be nice and tiddy for the pictures.

Find an hourly price: prices on comover are hourly prices. When someone books the duration of the booking will dictate how much the renter will owe you. Be sure to not go too high or too low here, we advice on a sum between 1€ and 5€. Although this might seem low, if you have 4 seats availables, a price of 2€ an hour will yield about 1300€ per month, which can be a nice additional income.

Convey a message: The description of your spot is where you should describe why your spot is unique and which type of experience you wish to provide.


Once you are ready and set, you can publish your spot. Now renters will be able to see your spot it the catalog. They won't see the exact location but they will be able to make a booking request

Confirm booking requests

When a renter makes a booking request we have already checked in the background that they have the sums necessary to do so. It's up to you to decide if you confirm the booking request or decline it.


Once you have your first booking request it's time to enjoy. It might be stressful the first time, but remember why you are doing this.